Rusty Beach

In this painting, I explore the visceral textures and colors of nature and decay. Through acrylic, earthy materials, and latex

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The Dream of a Place of Peace and Creativity

I had always dreamed of a meeting with peace and art, a place where peace and inspiration flowed effortlessly, a corner of the world where I could truly connect with my art. Today, that dream is a tangible reality manifested in my latest painting, a mixed-media piece done in a contemporary abstract style. This creation, abstracting a seascape, is a tribute to the unparalleled beauty of Baix Empordà, a region that has touched my soul in a profound and enduring way.

Technique and Materials: Capturing the Essence of the Landscape

The painting is a vast canvas that combines elements of acrylic, natural sands, mineral pigments, and recycled materials, creating a rich and multidimensional texture. Each layer of the artwork has been applied with care and deliberation, using spatulas, brushes, and pouring techniques to capture the ephemeral essence of the seascape. Through this matéric approach, I aim to convey not only the visual image of the environment but also its touch, its sound, and its salty aroma.

The Beauty of Baix Empordà in Abstraction

Baix Empordà is a land of gentle contrasts, where green hills meet the deep blue sea in an eternal embrace. This landscape, serene as it may be, is filled with a vibrant energy that fuels creativity. The waves gently breaking on the shore, the marshes stretching like mirrors of water, and the sky changing colors with each sunrise and sunset—all these components have been distorted and reinterpreted in my work. In this painting, shades of blue and green dominate, but they are interrupted by bursts of warm colors that suggest the golden sunlight over the waters.

Emotions and Nostalgia: A Call to Preserve Nature

Every corner of the landscape I see in Baix Empordà is a stimulus to create feelings and emotions, an invitation to believe again that we must preserve the world we knew since we were children. There is an inherent nostalgia in my painting, a call to protect and cherish our natural environment. The matéric elements, such as sands and mineral pigments, are not just art materials; they are fragments of the very landscape I strive to preserve on my canvas. By integrating these components, my work becomes a tangible testament to the beauty and fragility of nature.

The Freedom of Contemporary Abstract Art

The contemporary abstract style of painting allows a freedom of interpretation that invites the viewer to personally connect with the artwork. It’s not a literal representation of the seascape of Baix Empordà, but an evocation of the sensation of being there, feeling the sea breeze on your face, and hearing the whisper of the waves. It’s a place where peace is found in the simplicity of nature, and inspiration flows like water that never stops.

Making the Dream a Reality: Connection and Celebration

My dream of finding a place where I could truly connect with my art has come true in Baix Empordà. This corner of the world has offered an endless source of inspiration, reminding me of the importance of living in harmony with our environment. My matéric painting, with its texture and depth, is a celebration of this connection. Every stroke and every material used is a tribute to the timeless beauty of the seascape and a call to protect the world we have known since childhood.

A Reminder of Peace and Inspiration

Ultimately, my work is a reminder that peace and inspiration are not mere dreams, but achievable realities when we find the right place and open our hearts to the world around us. Baix Empordà has been that place for me, and I hope that through my art, others can also find their own connection with the beauty and peace of nature.

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Dimensions 100 × 65 × 2 cm

Mixed media, matéric painting


In this painting, I explore the visceral textures and colors of nature and decay. Through acrylic, earthy materials, and latex, I evoke the sensation of a landscape that is both ancient and ever-changing. This artwork interrupts the mundane, leading the viewer into a dialogue with the layered stories of the earth and the inevitable passage of time. It's a piece that adds depth and contemplation to any space, inviting observers to explore abstract beauty…

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