Cold Depth

“Cold Depth” combines acrylics with textural painting techniques and oxidation of clay and latex-based materials, capturing the essence of Baix Empordà. Through abstract expressionism, the piece evokes the cold depths of underwater landscapes and forgotten places, inviting introspection on resilience and adaptation in harsh environments. This contemporary art piece doesn’t just decorate a space; it fills every corner with a deep and immersive energy.

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Introduction to “Cold Depth”

In creating “Cold Depth,” I’ve blended acrylics with textured painting techniques and oxidation of clay-based and latex materials. This abstract painting aims to capture the raw and primal essence of the Baix Empordà’s nature, a region whose beauty and mystery have deeply inspired me. Through abstract expressionism, I invite the viewer to explore the cold depth of underwater landscapes and forgotten scenery that evoke a sense of wonder and reflection.

Techniques and Materials

The textured painting technique I use in “Cold Depth” adds a tangible dimension to the artwork. Acrylics combined with materials like clay and latex create textures that invite touch and exploration of the painting’s surface. The oxidation of these materials introduces a range of colors and unique effects that simulate the patina of time and the interaction of natural elements. This process not only enriches the visual aesthetics but also strengthens the connection with the nature of Baix Empordà.

Inspiration from Baix Empordà

Baix Empordà, with its coastal landscapes and rich biodiversity, is an endless source of inspiration. Its marine depths, full of life and mystery, are reflected in the color palette and textures of “Cold Depth”. Every brushstroke and layer of material aims to evoke the serenity and mystery of this natural environment. This abstract painting not only represents a view but a sensory experience that invites the viewer to immerse themselves in these landscapes.

Abstract Expressionism and Nature

Through abstract expressionism, “Cold Depth” becomes a vehicle for introspection. Abstraction allows for a personal and unique interpretation, inviting the viewer to project their own emotions and thoughts onto the artwork. Underwater depths and forgotten landscapes become metaphors for resilience and adaptation in harsh environments. This painting is not just a visual representation but a reflection on nature’s ability to persist and transform.

Energy and Decoration

“Cold Depth” goes beyond being a decorative piece. The energy emanating from its textures and colors permeates every corner of the space where it is exhibited. This abstract contemporary artwork transforms any space, adding a layer of emotional and visual depth. The interaction of materials and techniques used creates an atmosphere that envelops the viewer, making each gaze reveal new details and nuances.

In “Cold Depth”, I managed to mix various techniques and materials to create a piece that really captures the essence of Baix Empordà. This abstract contemporary art piece invites the viewer to explore the cold depths of underwater landscapes and forgotten places, sparking a reflection on resilience and adaptation in harsh environments. Every detail of the piece, from the texture to the colors, is designed to create a sensory experience that goes beyond the visual, becoming a living presence in any space. “Cold Depth” doesn’t just decorate; it transforms and energizes, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who sees it.

Additional information

Dimensions 50 × 3 × 100 cm



The use of acrylics, oxides, sands, integrated with resins and gels, allows for a deep exploration of the textures and colors of the sea.

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