Earth, fire, and metal – Original painting excellent for interior design.

Abstract vision of the elements: earth, fire, and gold.

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The original painting for interior design

This original painting is excellent for interior design. It is an outstanding abstract artwork for interior decoration, as its style and technique make it unique and special. This artwork is inspired by nature and its elements, especially earth, fire, and metal.

The mixed technique employed.

For the creation of this work, a mixed technique has been employed, combining various materials and tools to achieve a visually stunning effect. Acrylic pigments in green, reddish, dark neutrals, and golden accents have been used, contributing depth and richness of colors to the artwork.

Inspiration in nature

The work represents an abstract vision of nature, with forms suggesting mountains, rivers, and forests, yet without becoming figurative. The combination of green and reddish hues evokes the colors of vegetation and earth, while the dark tones and golden shades suggest fire and metal, elements that add strength and dynamism to the artwork.

The visual effect in interior decoration.

This original painting is ideal for interior decoration as it brings warmth and vitality to the space. Its size and the visual strength of its colors make it ideal for placing it on a main wall, where it becomes the focal point of the room. Furthermore, its abstract style allows it to blend seamlessly with various decorative styles, from classical to modern.

The value as a work of art.

This work is an example of how mixed media can bring a unique and original dimension to painting. Its style and colors make it a work of art with great aesthetic value, but also its technique and the quality of its materials make it a durable and resistant piece over time.

This original painting is an excellent choice for those seeking a unique and special work of art to decorate their interior spaces. Its mixed media technique and abstract style make it a visually stunning piece, capable of bringing warmth and vitality to any room.

Additional information

Weight 2,1 kg
Dimensions 50 × 100 × 3 cm



Painting created using acrylic pigments applied directly onto a cotton canvas, mounted on a wooden frame. The work is protected from UVA rays by layers of high quality varnish.

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