Spontaneous Figure – Original Minimalist Abstract Painting

Abstract black, white, and gold painting, created spontaneously, conveying an expression and mood


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Abstract Painting: The Art of Japanese Calligraphy

This original minimalist abstract painting is an artistic expression that allows the artist to explore creativity and emotion. On this occasion, an abstract painting is presented, painted on special paper with a deep black background.

White Brushstrokes

The painting features free white brushstrokes that stand out against the dark background. These brushstrokes do not have a defined shape; rather, they have been applied in a free and expressive manner. The technique used in this painting is similar to the one employed in Japanese calligraphy.

Golden Touches

In addition to the white brushstrokes, the painting features golden touches that stand out even more against the black background. These golden touches add a special gleam to the artwork and create a contrast with the dark tones.

Emulating Japanese Calligraphy

Abstract painting seeks to emulate the art of Japanese calligraphy. This writing technique is highly valued in Japanese culture and is considered a form of art in its own right. Japanese calligraphy is based on the expression and beauty of strokes and forms.

Artistic expression

Abstract painting allows the artist to express themselves without having to adhere to defined shapes and figures. This work is an example of how creativity and emotion can be expressed in a work of art without having to follow established patterns.

A dark and profound background

The deep black background of the painting is a key element in the artwork. This background allows the white brushstrokes and golden touches to stand out even more. Moreover, the dark background creates a sense of depth and mystery in the artwork.

In conclusion, the presented abstract painting is an example of how creativity and emotion can be expressed in a work of art. The white brushstrokes and golden touches on a deep black background emulate the art of Japanese calligraphy, allowing the artist to express themselves freely and without restrictions.

Additional information

Dimensions 70 × 70 cm



Painting made with acrylic pigments applied on 400g Canson paper. The work is protected from UVA rays by layers of high quality varnish.

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