The Wall – Original modern decorative painting

The artwork uses abstract texture with materiality to represent the fall of an oppressive wall. It creates a visually rich surface, plays with lights and shadows, adding depth and dynamism.

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Original and decorative modern painting has allowed artists to experiment with new techniques and materials to create their works. One of the most interesting ways to explore creativity in painting is through abstraction. By using this technique, artists can evoke sensations and emotions in the viewer without the need to represent recognizable figures or shapes.

The technique

In this sense, abstract texture with materiality has become a very popular technique in modern painting. This technique involves creating textures and reliefs on the surface of the artwork by incorporating different materials. This way, a tactile sensation is achieved, enriching the artwork and giving it greater depth.


In the case of the described artwork, abstract texture with materiality is used to represent the fall of a wall. Through this technique, the artist evokes the sensation of the destruction of a structure without the need for a figurative representation. Instead, the artist combines different materials and techniques to create a visually rich and complex surface that invites the viewer to explore it in detail.

The technique of abstract texture with materiality allows artists to play with light and shadow to create interesting visual effects. By creating reliefs and textures on the surface of the artwork, a sense of depth is achieved that enriches the viewer’s visual experience. Furthermore, the combination of different materials allows for the creation of contrasts and nuances that add dynamism and movement to the artwork.


Abstract texture with materiality is a very interesting and versatile technique in modern painting. It allows artists to explore their creativity and evoke sensations and emotions in the viewer without the need to represent recognizable figures. The described artwork, in which the destruction of a structure is evoked through the combination of different materials and techniques, is an example of how this technique can be used to create original and decorative works.

Additional information

Weight 1,35 kg
Dimensions 70 × 70 × 3 cm

Mixed media


Painting created using acrylic pigments applied directly onto a cotton canvas, mounted on a wooden frame. The work is protected from UVA rays by layers of high quality varnish.

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