Revelation of Fortune – Original abstract decorative art.

The painting inspires and reveals fortune in contemplation. It has a hypnotic effect, captures beauty and mystery, and is rich in details with dramatic tones.

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Revelation of Fortune: A mixed media abstract painting.

Original abstract decorative art with mixed media, depth, and texture. Multiple layers of paint and pigments in golden, gray, and black tones create a sense of movement and fluidity in the artwork.

A world of shapes and colors to explore.

The painting is abstract and does not present a recognizable image, inviting the viewer to discover the shapes and colors within it.

A strong sense of ever-changing energy.

The golden tones represent prosperity and wealth, while the grays and blacks symbolize mystery and uncertainty.

Fortune revealed through contemplation and exploration.

The painting is inspiring and conveys the idea that fortune can be revealed through contemplation and exploration of the world around us.

The viewer becomes immersed in deep contemplation. The artwork has a hypnotic and meditative effect that draws the viewer in and immerses them in a state of deep contemplation.

Beauty and mystery present in the world around us. The painting captures the viewer’s imagination and demonstrates that beauty and mystery are always present in the world around us.

A complex and detail-rich piece. The use of mixed media in the painting creates a complex and detail-rich piece that evokes feelings of mystery and revelation.

Golden, gray, and black tones for a dramatic effect. The golden and gray tones give the artwork a luxurious and sophisticated appearance, while the black tones add a touch of drama.

An inspiring work of art. In summary, “Revelation of Fortune” is an original and inspiring work of art that invites reflection and contemplation.

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Weight 3,15 kg
Dimensions 65 × 100 × 2 cm



Painting created using acrylic pigments applied directly onto a cotton canvas, mounted on a wooden frame. The work is protected from UVA rays by layers of high quality varnish.

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