Stretch of sea and rocks

This contemporary artwork is an abstract painting created with mixed media and materic techniques. Inspired by the underwater landscapes of Baix Empordà, it utilizes acrylics, oxides, and sands integrated with resins and gels to evoke the texture and movement of the sea. Predominantly blues and turquoises, with hints of white and gray, simulate sunlight filtering through the water. The piece reflects the idyllic beauty of the region and the warmth of its community, offering a unique visual and tactile experience.

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Inspiration from Baix Empordà

From the very first moment, I’m captivated by the idyllic beauty and panoramic views of the cliffs and golden beaches that intertwine with the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea, creating a natural spectacle that’s impossible to forget. The clear skies during the day and the vibrant colors of the sunrises and sunsets transport me to a state of tranquility and awe. In this corner of the world, the pace of life is slower. Here, everything is closer, more human. People look you in the eye, greet you with a sincere smile, and make you feel like part of a community. This deep connection with the surroundings and the community has been the source of inspiration for my latest artwork.

Abstraction of the Seabed

My painting, a piece of contemporary abstract art, focuses on the abstraction of the seabeds observed in the maritime landscape of Baix Empordà. Using mixed techniques, I’ve aimed to capture the essence of these underwater environments, going beyond mere visual representation. The textured painting adds a tactile dimension, inviting the viewer to explore the artwork not only visually but also through the sense of touch. The rough textures and irregular surfaces evoke the rocky formations and reefs hidden beneath the water’s surface.

Mixed Media and Materic Technique

To create this piece, I’ve used a variety of techniques and materials that reflect the richness and diversity of the seabed. The use of acrylics, oxides, sands, integrated with resins and gels, allows for a deep exploration of the textures and colors of the sea. Shades of blues and turquoises with hints of white and gray suggest sunlight filtering through the water. Layers of paint applied with palette knife and brush create a sense of movement and depth, simulating ocean currents and the constant ebb and flow of waves.

The Magic of Sunrise and Sunset

Each sunrise and each sunset brings with it a new palette of colors and emotions. These moments of the day, filled with serenity and beauty, are reflected in the artwork through subtle changes in tone and luminosity. The smooth transitions between colors symbolize the transition between day and night, the calmness of sunrise, and the melancholy of sunset. This daily cycle is a reminder of the constancy and perpetuity of nature, aspects that I have tried to capture in my painting.

Community and Human Connection

Closeness and warmth have significantly influenced my creative process. People here welcome you with open arms, look you in the eyes, and greet you with a sincere smile. This sense of community and belonging is reflected in my work, which is not only an abstract representation of underwater landscapes but also a tribute to life and human relationships in this special place. The painting seeks to convey the feeling of connection and harmony that is felt when being part of this community.

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Dimensions 70 × 70 × 3 cm



The use of acrylics, oxides, sands, integrated with resins and gels, allows for a deep exploration of the textures and colors of the sea.

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