Greeting to the Sun – Contemporary original abstract print.

This piece is an original from which the artist has created a series of 10 prints. The prints are produced on high-quality 190g engraved paper. The prints are available in A2 and A1 sizes, sold unframed, and shipped in a poster tube.

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Contemplating the Cold Dawn in the Big City

Contemporary original abstract cityscape, still in silence, it’s a cold dawn. The darkness of the night begins to fade, and the city starts to awaken. In the midst of this transition, a painting is about to be revealed.

Greeting to the Sun

The painting is inspired by the greeting to the sun, a practice performed at dawn to express gratitude to the sun and to start the day with energy. In the painting, a figure is standing on the rooftop of a building, greeting the sun. The colors of the sky are changing, and you can see the sun peeking behind the buildings.

The Tranquility of the City

Despite the activity that will soon fill the streets, the city is still calm. The figure in the painting seems to be enjoying the tranquility and beauty of the dawn. The sky is filled with pink and orange tones, reflecting the peace that is felt in the atmosphere.

The Strength of the Human Being

The figure in the painting is a representation of the strength of the human being. Greeting the sun is a practice that connects the body with the universe, and you can feel the energy flowing through it. In the painting, the figure seems to be connected to the universe and the energy of the sun.

The Beauty of Dawn

Dawn is a magical moment of the day, full of beauty and energy. In the painting, you can feel the energy of the sun and the beauty of dawn. The colors blend in the sky, and the figure in the painting seems to be grateful for this moment of peace and beauty.

The painting features a figure greeting the sun on the rooftop of a building, in the context of a cold and tranquil dawn in the big city. The figure appears to be connected to the universe and the energy of the sun, showcasing the strength and beauty of the human being in this magical moment of the day.

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