“Deep Warmth”

“Deep Warmth” is a contemporary artwork inspired by the landscapes of Baix Empordà. Using oxidized acrylics and clays, I explore textures and reliefs that evoke the serenity of nature. The earthy tones and flashes of color simulate the light in a tranquil landscape, conveying peace and contemplation. Each stroke reflects an introspective journey, highlighting the interaction between humans and the natural world.

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“Deep Warmth” is a fascinating piece of contemporary art that captures the essence of the landscapes of Baix Empordà. Through an innovative technique of material painting, I’ve managed to capture the serenity and depth of nature using oxidized acrylics mixed with clays. This unique combination of materials has allowed me to explore textures and reliefs that evoke an intimate connection with the natural environment.

Inspiration from the Baix Empordà

The Baix Empordà, a region known for its peaceful landscapes and rich palette of natural colors, has been the primary source of inspiration for “Deep Warmth.” This corner of Catalonia offers a variety of scenes ranging from rolling hills to expansive fields, all bathed in soft, warm light. I’ve aimed to capture this environment in my abstract painting, using earthy tones that reflect the authenticity and beauty of these landscapes.

Material Painting Technique

The material painting technique used in “Deep Warmth” not only adds a visual dimension but also a tactile one. By using oxidized acrylics mixed with clays, I’ve managed to create a surface rich in texture and relief. This technique allows the viewer to experience the artwork in a deeper, almost tangible way, as if touching the very ground of Baix Empordà. Each stroke and each incorporation of material is meticulously worked to add layers of depth and meaning to the piece.

Earthy Tones and Flashes of Color

In “Deep Warmth,” earthy tones dominate the scene, mimicking the natural colors of the landscape. However, I’ve also incorporated flashes of color that simulate the play of light in a tranquil landscape. These touches of color serve to capture the viewer’s attention and guide their gaze through the painting, recreating the sensation of observing a landscape under the changing light of the day. This interplay of colors aims to convey peace and contemplation, inviting the viewer to get lost in the serenity of nature.

An Introspective Journey

Creating “Deep Warmth” has been, in many ways, an introspective journey. Each stroke and each material addition represents another step in exploring my own connection with the natural world. This contemporary artwork not only reflects the external beauty of Baix Empordà but also my personal interaction with this environment. Through this abstract painting, I’ve sought to capture the essence of that relationship, showing how humans can find peace and balance through contemplating nature.

The Interaction between Humans and Nature

“Deep Warmth” is a celebration of nature and the deep connection we have with it. This abstract painting, inspired by the landscapes of Baix Empordà

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Dimensions 50 × 3 × 100 cm



The use of acrylics, oxides, sands, integrated with resins and gels, allows for a deep exploration of the textures and colors of the sea.

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