Untitled 2127 – Decorative minimalist abstract painting.

Spontaneously created painting with a single stroke, reminiscent of Japanese art.

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The minimalism in art and the simplicity of the work.

Decorative minimalist abstract painting that is part of a two-piece series titled “Untitled.” The artwork consists of a single free brushstroke of black paint on a white background, inspired by shodo, the art of Japanese calligraphy.

The emotional charge behind the minimalist artwork.

Simplicity is the key to minimalism, and it can be clearly appreciated in this artwork. The black brushstroke cutting through the white background is the sole form present in the piece, yet despite this, it conveys a significant emotional intensity. The choice of black color can be interpreted as a representation of darkness, while the white background symbolizes purity. This duality is reflected in the brushstroke, which appears to both separate and connect both elements.

The inspiration of shodo in the artwork.

Shodo is an art practiced in Japan for centuries, involving the writing of Chinese and Japanese characters using a brush and ink. In this sense, the minimalist artwork we are analyzing draws inspiration from this art, albeit in a more abstract form. In Japanese calligraphy, each stroke carries its own meaning and beauty, a characteristic that can also be appreciated in this artwork.

The importance of the gesture in the minimalist artwork.

The choice of the single brushstroke is also a reminiscent of the gesture, which is significant in shodo. In this art, the gesture and breath are fundamental to create a unique and personal work. In the case of the minimalist artwork we are analyzing, the single brushstroke also takes on a personal character, as it is the result of an unrepeatable action.

The choice of “Untitled” as the title of the artwork.

Regarding the title of the artwork, the choice of “Untitled” reinforces the idea that the piece is, in itself, a unique and unrepeatable expression. The title could have been a way to influence the interpretation of the artwork, and by not providing one, it grants the viewer complete freedom to interpret it in their own way.

The minimalist abstract artwork we have analyzed is an example of how simplicity can also be a form of artistic expression. The single brushstroke of black paint on a white background, inspired by shodo, reflects a symbolic duality and a personal, unrepeatable character. The absence of a title reinforces the idea that each viewer can find their own interpretation.

Additional information

Dimensions 70 × 70 cm



Painting made with acrylic pigments applied on 400g Canson paper. The work is protected from UVA rays by layers of high quality varnish.

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