The sea threatens – Decorative acrylic abstract painting

This abstract acrylic painting, inspired by tachism, manages to represent the fury of nature through violent and dynamic strokes that evoke waves and storms. A work of contemporary art that invites you to reflect on the importance of environmental conservation.


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The representation of the fury of nature in the acrylic abstract painting

In this decorative painting abstract acrylic the artist has managed to capture in the work light and dark tones provided by asphalt paint, achieving an abstraction that recalls the violent waves and the storm that breaks out when nature feels threatened. The tachism technique is characterized by the use of quick and violent stains and brush strokes, which suggest the sensation of movement and dynamism. In this painting, the artist has used this technique masterfully to achieve an abstract representation of the fury of nature.

Using paint strokes to express nature’s pent-up anger

Each of the paint strokes is an expression of nature’s contained anger, a wake-up call about the importance of taking care of our planetary home. In short, this abstract acrylic painting is a work of art that invites us to reflect on the relationship we have with nature and our responsibility as human beings to care for and protect it.

The importance of environmental conservation

It is evident that humanity has forgotten that the planet we are living on is enormously wise. The foolishness of some people makes them think that the resources, patience and enormous strength of the world we inhabit is infinite. However, the reality is that the planet is in a critical state due to the irrational exploitation of its natural resources and the irreparable damage caused by climate change.

Art as a means to raise awareness about environmental conservation

This is why art plays a fundamental role in raising awareness about the importance of environmental conservation. The abstract acrylic painting that we present today, inspired by tachism, is an artistic representation of the fury of the sea and nature when it feels mistreated.


Additional information

Dimensions 116 × 73 × 2 cm



Painting made from acrylic pigments and asphalt paint applied directly on cotton fabric canvas, mounted on a wooden frame. The work is protected from UVA rays by layers of high quality varnish.

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