No podeis – Decorative acrylic abstract painting

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The Reclaiming of Nature

This decorative acrylic abstract painting is a work that celebrates the power of nature. The painting’s green, ochre, and toasted hues, achieved with asphalt paint, speak to the message that nature is trying to convey to us.

Nature and its Power

Nature is a force that has always amazed and fascinated us However, we often seem to forget its power and the importance of respecting and caring for it. This painting reminds us that we cannot ignore the voice of nature, which speaks to us through its manifestations and natural phenomena.

Human Responsibility

The work also makes us reflect on our responsibility as humans to care for the planet. Despite our efforts to dominate and control nature, it will always show us its true power. We must be aware of the importance of taking care of the environment and trying to minimize our negative impact on it.

The Beauty of Nature

In addition to reaffirming the power of nature and our responsibility to it, this painting shows us the beauty we can find in its shapes and colors. Green, ochre, and toast tones blend together to create a work of art that invites us to appreciate the richness and diversity of nature.

The Inspiration of Nature

This decorative abstract acrylic painting is a source of inspiration for those who love and appreciate nature. Its tones and shapes can be a source of inspiration for the creation of new works of art and designs. It invites us to explore and discover new ways to create beauty from nature.

This decorative abstract acrylic painting celebrates the power of nature and reminds us of our responsibility as humans to protect it. It invites us to appreciate its beauty and find inspiration in it to create new forms of art and design. We must become aware of the importance of respecting and caring for our planet, so that we can continue to enjoy its richness and diversity in the future.


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Dimensions 73 × 116 × 2 cm



Painting made with materials, acrylic pigments, and asphalt paint applied directly to cotton canvas, mounted on a wooden frame. The work is protected from UVA rays by layers of high quality varnish.

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