Untitled 2205#2 – Contemporary abstract postmodern art.

Contemporary small-sized artwork combines “tachisme” and asphalt painting, generating a striking fusion of colors and textures in an abstract postmodern style.

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A small-format work that combines techniques of tachisme and asphalt painting.

This small-format contemporary abstract postmodern artwork is an example of how tachisme technique and asphalt painting can be combined to create a visually impactful piece.

The technique of asphalt painting adds a unique dimension to the artwork.

The technique of asphaltic painting, which combines asphalt with pigments and binders, adds a unique dimension to the artwork, bridging the gap between painting and sculpture through the depth achieved in each layer.

The combination of techniques and materials achieves a visually impactful artwork

Despite its size, this artwork is striking due to the strength of its colors and textures. The artist has achieved shades and magical effects that transport the viewer to a world of movement and color.

This artwork is part of a series of works that explore the technique of asphalt painting.

This piece is part of a series of works that the artist has been creating using the technique of asphalt painting. In each of them, the artist experiments with different textures, colors, and techniques, discovering new paths in their work.

Asphalt painting: an innovative technique in the world of postmodern art

Asphaltic painting is a technique that has found its place in the world of art within postmodernity. This artwork is an example of how it allows artists to create works that go beyond conventional painting, generating new forms of expression and exploring new creative territories.

A small-format piece with a significant visual impact

This postmodern artwork is a showcase of innovation and avant-garde in the technique of painting. The combination of techniques and materials achieves a small-sized artwork with a significant visual impact.

Additional information

Dimensions 20 × 30 cm



Painting made with acrylic pigments and asphaltic paint, applied on 400gsm Canson paper. The work is protected from UVA rays by layers of high quality varnish.

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