The pieces don’t fit – Abstract mixed media painting.

“Las Piezas No Encajan” is an abstract marvel of mixed media and bright colors that combines graphics and acrylic pigments, perfect for decorating contemporary spaces and attracting curious gazes.

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The artwork ‘Las Piezas No Encajan’ is a true abstract marvel that transports you to another era when bright colors and striking graphics were in fashion. This piece is created using mixed media, employing acrylic pigments with direct colors and graphics. The result is a highly decorative and attractive piece that evokes the aesthetics of 1960s cinema.

What stands out the most about “Las Piezas No Encajan” is the color combination. The artist has used a range of bright and saturated tones that complement each other perfectly. The acrylic pigments used are very vibrant, creating a burst of color that makes the artwork very eye-catching. These direct colors, without mixing, enhance the strength of each one of them.

The mixed media technique used by the artist is another notable element of this piece. By blending different materials, the artist has created a rich and varied texture that adds depth and dimension to the piece. The graphics add an element of rhythm and movement to the artwork, making it appear as if the pieces are in constant motion.

The Beauty of Abstraction

“Las Piezas No Encajan” is an abstract artwork that doesn’t represent anything in particular but is a combination of graphic elements and colors. This absence of figurative references allows the viewer to unleash their imagination and let the artwork take them wherever they want. The beauty of abstraction lies in the artwork’s ability to speak to each person in a different way.

The combination of graphics and vibrant colors makes ‘Las Piezas No Encajan’ a very decorative and attractive piece. The absence of a concrete figure allows the artwork to adapt to any space and makes it easy to combine with other decorative elements. Moreover, the piece is very versatile, as it can function as the central element of a decoration or as one more piece in a composition.

In conclusion, “Las Piezas No Encajan” is an abstract artwork that utilizes mixed media and direct colors to create a highly decorative and attractive piece. The use of graphics and acrylic pigments adds depth and texture to the artwork, making it appear as if the pieces are in constant motion. The beauty of abstraction allows the viewer to let their imagination soar and find their own meaning in the artwork. A piece of art that undoubtedly will not leave anyone indifferent.

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Weight 2,5 kg
Dimensions 73 × 92 × 2 cm



Painting created using acrylic pigments and asphalt paint applied directly on a cotton canvas, mounted on a wooden frame. The work is protected from UVA rays by layers of high quality varnish.

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