Pep Ribé

My World: The Life of an Artist

The Beginning of the Artistic Journey

I am a plastic artist originally from the city of Barcelona. My passion for art began to flourish at the La Llotja School of Arts and Crafts, where I was fortunate to forge the foundations of my career. But my artistic path was not limited to canvases and brushes, since, from an early age, I found a unique way to merge my love for art with the world of textile design and graphics.

My first traces of creativity manifested themselves when creating hand prints for prominent fashion brands. This experience not only became an endless source of inspiration for my future works on canvas and paper, but it also taught me to appreciate the importance of color and texture in artistic creation.

Exploring my abstract art

In 1995, I took a big leap by venturing into my first exhibition. Since then, I have had the privilege of participating in numerous individual and group exhibitions. My work is characterized by its expressiveness and its clear inclination towards the abstract and minimalist, a direct influence of my experience in the textile and fashion world.

The commitment to color and textures is manifested in each of my creations. My works are composed of multiple layers of colors and materials, creating intriguing visual effects and eliciting deep emotions in those who view them. My unique vision of nature and my reinterpretation of the urban landscape and objects give my works a critical character and a reflection on the society that surrounds me.

I represent people in primary attitudes that invite reflection. I work with mixed media, and my abstract paintings focus on textures and the color spectrum. Each of my canvases is a unique work, with organic lines and shapes etched into meticulously crafted backgrounds. Every time you approach one of my works, you will discover new details and nuances that will enrich your artistic experience.

Exhibitions and achievements

Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to participate in both group and individual exhibitions in various art galleries. Recently in 2021, I had the pleasure of being part of a group exhibition at the Art y Café Gallery, by Cristina de Miguel, in the Barcelona town of Sitges. The following year, in 2022, I participated in another group exhibition at Gallery Opening in Barcelona and at Patricia Cancelo’s Gallery 106, also in Barcelona.

Furthermore, in 2022 and 2023, I had the opportunity to inaugurate a cycle of individual exhibitions in different civic centers in Barcelona, such as Matas i Ramis, Parc Sandaru and Navas, among others. In 2022, I was also a finalist in the XVI Miquel Viladrich Painting Prize, a recognition that validates my work in the art world.

Art lovers from different parts of the world, such as Armando Álvarez (Venezuela), Jens Olesen (United Kingdom) and Candice Hellyar (United States), have decided to incorporate my works into their collections, which is an immense honor.

My work is an intense expression of great beauty that has managed to transcend borders and be recognized in events and exhibitions. I invite you to enter my artistic world, which will give you the opportunity to reflect on society, nature and life in general. Each of my creations is a window to surprise, where you will always find new nuances and details that will enrich your experience.

If you would like to explore more about my work and purchase original abstract paintings, I invite you to visit my online art gallery, where you can purchase directly from the artist. Discover colorful paintings, large paintings and modern paintings that are sure to be a unique addition to your collection. Welcome to my creative world!

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