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Espai Cenit, discover the fascinating world of art.

I recently joined as a visual artist to a meeting and creation space for artists and creators called Cultural Association Espai Cenit. This artist-managed association is an incredible platform that provides numerous opportunities for artists and creators.

Espai Cenit is established with the purpose of providing a meeting place and a space for exchange for artists and creators. Here, a stimulating environment is offered where you can connect with other colleagues, share ideas, and explore new forms of artistic expression. It is a true paradise for those seeking an enriching and collaborative environment.

Culture accessible to everyone

The Cultural Association Espai Cenit brings art and cultural activities closer to the entire community and the neighborhood. Through various initiatives such as exhibitions, workshops, and cultural events, Espai Cenit becomes a bridge between artists and the public.Through various initiatives such as exhibitions, workshops, and cultural events, Espai Cenit becomes a bridge between artists and the public. This commitment translates into greater accessibility to cultural activities for all citizens, regardless of their origin or social status.

Promoting sustainability and the recognition of creative work.

Sustainability is another fundamental value that drives Espai Cenit. This non-profit association advocates for sustainability, both social and environmental. In a world where resources are limited, Espai Cenit seeks innovative ways to promote art and culture without compromising our environment. Additionally, it also focuses on promoting the recognition of the work of creative agents and reflecting on the specific issues of the cultural sector.

Support for artists and creators in the dissemination, management, creation, promotion, and sale of their work

Now, it’s natural to wonder what utility a non-profit association has for art buyers, spectators, and collectors. Espai Cenit becomes a tool for art lovers, as it provides support to artists and creators at all stages of their careers. From dissemination and management to creation, promotion, and sale of their works, this association offers a wide range of services to boost the careers of artists and bring their work closer to the public.

For art buyers, Espai Cenit becomes a dynamic and exciting art gallery where they can discover a wide selection of paintings, including abstract paintings and contemporary works, representing a diversity of styles and techniques. Likewise, spectators have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a vibrant artistic world and experience different forms of creative expression.

For collectors, Espai Cenit becomes a great ally as it provides them with access to a broad network of talented and emerging artists. Additionally, the association provides personalized advice to help them make informed decisions and find pieces that fit their preferences and collection goals.

Stay informed and join us

We encourage you to stay tuned, as I will keep you informed of all the updates and personally invite you to the openings.

In conclusion, the Cultural Association Espai Cenit is much more than a simple art gallery. It is a space for meeting, creation, and dissemination that provides support to artists and creators in their artistic journey. Whether as an art buyer, spectator, or collector, Espai Cenit offers an enriching and exciting experience for all art enthusiasts. Join us on this fascinating journey and discover the power of art in our lives!


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