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Let me take you on a journey through my artistic career, motivations, style and accolades. In addition, I will offer you a unique opportunity to buy abstract paintings directly from my on-line art gallery.

Career and Training

My adventure in the world of art began at the prestigious Barcelona School of Arts and Crafts, where I acquired solid training and a deep appreciation for various branches of design. This education marked the beginning of my professional commitment to art. Over the years, I have explored different creative paths and embarked on an exciting artistic journey.

Motivations and Style

My art is inspired by the untamed and wild beauty of nature, the diversity of customs and the expressiveness of people. My concern and concern for the meaning that society is acquiring, compared to its origins until today, are reflected in my works. Abstract expressionism is my favorite artistic language, where emotion and spontaneity are intertwined in each brushstroke.

Training and Synergies

My interest in researching new techniques and materials knows no limits, regardless of their origin or composition. In addition, I am an active member of the cultural dissemination space and art gallery self-managed by artists, Espai Cenit. Here, I collaborate with other creators and nurture my creativity from their unique influences and perspectives.


Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to participate in different individual and group exhibitions that have been a showcase for my artistic vision. In 2022, I was a finalist for the prestigious Miquel Viladrich Painting Prize, an achievement that makes me deeply proud.

Exploring My Online Art Gallery

Now that you have learned a little more about my artistic world, apart from thisjourney through my path, I invite you to explore my online art gallery, where you will find a wide selection of modern, colorful and original abstract paintings. If you are a passionate art collector or simply looking for a unique piece for your home, you are in the right place.

Abstract Paintings: An Explosion of Color and Emotion

My abstract paintings are a celebration of color and emotion. Each work is unique and evokes an intense visual and emotional experience. Are you looking for large paintings that will become the focal point of your space? Do not look any further!

Buy Directly from the Artist

In my online gallery, you have the opportunity to buy paintings directly from the artist. This unique experience allows you to connect with the work more deeply and obtain an authentic piece that carries with it my passion and creativity.

Advice on Art Collecting

I understand that entering the art world can be overwhelming. That’s why I’m here to provide you with advice on art collecting. I want your shopping experience to be enriching and for you to find the perfect piece that suits your tastes and style.

My passion for abstract expressionism and constant exploration has led me to create original works that reflect the beauty of the world around me. I invite you to immerse yourself in my online art gallery and discover modern and colorful abstract paintings that can enrich your life and your space. Feel free to contact me for personalized advice in your search for the perfect piece of art. I hope you enjoy exploring my art world as much as I enjoy creating it!

News of interest

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